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About Us

At Vital Space studio, we believe that great design is not just about aesthetics, but about creating functional and nourishing spaces that stand the test of time.

A designer at heart


We create inspirational spaces that elevate your sense of place.

We provide multi-purposeful design services informed by sound research, rich perspective, and limitless creativity.

Our founder, Emmanuelle Vital, grew up in France, is trained as an engineer, and spent many years working in environmental and infrastructure design around the world. She blends classic elegance with contemporary elements and brings over 20 years of design research and implementation to create spaces that are personally meaningful and nurturing.

Our well-honed technical and organizational skills, combined with a flair for global chic, have earned numerous accolades for creating “splendid and convivial” spaces that flow seamlessly together and pervade a timeless elegance.

We have a natural penchant for vital space and biophilic* design, honoring our clients' diverse connections to nature and incorporating natural materials & elements to connect you with your surroundings.

*Biophilia means “love of life” in Greek, and the term refers to the affinity that humans have with the natural world. The term was made popular by biologist, Edward O. Wilson who argues that the very essence of our humanity is our natural desire to connect with each other and nature and to preserve these connections.

Please Tell Us About Your Project

Emmanuelle has a worldly eye for design and has brought refreshing change and edgy nod to design in Steamboat. Her realistic understanding of constructibility made bringing her many ideas of creating beautiful, live-able, and efficient spaces a pleasure to build. Bradley Bartels Owner/ PureBuilt Inc Steamboat Springs, Co


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